Yunta Rural School

About Us

a child 
colouring in a picture book

Set on the edge of the outback, surrounded by stunning, red plains and hills, ours is the last remaining school on the Barrier Highway.

Our school is very well resourced and has access to the town swimming pool. Our mission is to nurture the whole child within the support of a harmonious, rich environment. There is an emphasis on learning via play and the arts. The arts develop teamwork, confidence and performance skills. Outdoor play develops social and problem solving skills.
We value curiosity, creativity, honesty, respect, persistence and cooperation.

Our main emphasis is literacy and maths. Science, Japanese, the arts and circus also receive a strong focus. Every child in the school can ride a unicycle and perform the pois. This year, we have children involved in SAPSASA tennis.

Our small numbers and range of year levels, ensures that work is set at the level of each child. The school heavily subsidises excursions and camps, so that students are not disadvantaged by distance. There are two major philosophies underpinning our pedagogy: Steiner, emphasising feeling, thinking and doing and Emilio Reggio., emphasising a deeper, connected curriculum.